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Black Friday

Set up your Shopping Feed for Black Friday or risk missing out!

It’s time to get serious about Black Friday. Did you know that it takes time for your store updates to go live?  

That means the preparation for your store needs to start happening NOW

Here are some quick ways to set up your Shopping Feed, as well as more information about how ShoppingFeeder can help you out!

Google Shopping Feed
Google Shopping

1. Do your products appear in the right searches? 

You will need to use the correct search terms so that Google Shopping Feed knows when to show your products based on search terms and when they are relevant. 

One way to test this is to run a search term report in Google Ads in order to figure out which are your top-performing search queries. You can also bid for PPC here. Negative keywords can also be used to remove irrelevant traffic to your ads, but you should double-check that you aren’t limiting precious traffic. 

It is also advisable to group your products into higher and lower revenue groups in order to create different campaigns for these different groups. 

You will want to divide your budget to give your better-performing products more attention, and conversely, spend less on low-revenue products. 

Did you know that ShoppingFeeder is one of the only services that allow multi-country listings for Google Shopping? You can also add different labels and settings for each country. 

2. Present your products at their best in your

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the broader holiday season is a great time to look at your current listing and improve it. Optimizing your titles, images, and product descriptions can make your products more attractive to shoppers. 

  • Product Titles should be simple and encouraging to your audience. You should include the brand, gender, attributes (color, size, material, weight), and type of product. It’s worth the effort of adding more detail in order to appeal to a larger audience. 
  • Do not write your product titles in all caps, or add too many extra spaces.
  • Try to mimic how a customer would speak to you – for instance, they may ask for a ‘chocolate bar’ instead of ‘bar chocolate’.  When you are shopping for yourself, how do you search? This is the kind of logic you should apply to your listings. 
  • Your product images should be of high quality and high resolution. Thumbnails typically have a white background, too.
  • Try to keep a clean image, without watermarks or text. The recommended image size is 800 x 800 for Google Shopping listings.
  • Product descriptions should be accurate, including the most relevant keywords and search terms for your product
  • Ensure all links to your store or website are working and up to date 
  • Add product ratings to your listing 
  • Remember to complete categorization for your products, as being specific here can help your product be discovered by more people. 

Spending more time on your Google Shopping Feed can really help you in the long run. It’s worth putting in extra time to attract customers, especially around Black Friday and the holiday season.

Ecommerce purchase, Google Shopping
Ecommerce purchase, Google Shopping

3. Are you using the right tools for your store?

ShoppingFeeder is one of the most powerful feed management tools available for ecommerce retailers. We are experts in feed management, and will help you set up your store and sell across multiple sales channels.

Added Services

In addition to being the perfect app for setting up your Shopping Feeds, ShoppingFeeder offers account setup and campaign management services in case you need an extra boost.

We’ve got easy integration for self-service multiple channel distribution.  ShoppingFeeder supports many channels and platforms for all of your multi-channel marketing needs.  

ShoppingFeeder also offers powerful data control which does not affect basic store or platform data. Some added data fields include field modification, differentiated pricing, and custom bidding. 

You may consider using some of this data for your holiday marketing efforts. For example, you could introduce a new differentiated pricing strategy for Black Friday ahead of time by using ShoppingFeeder. 

ShoppingFeeder has different packages to suit businesses with different needs.

If you’re just starting out or are looking to get going with your online store, our Starter or Onelimited package are perfect for you.

Growing businesses can benefit from our Standard Package, while our Premium package is best suited for established businesses. 

If you want to try a specific package, you’re able to try it out for free for 14 days before making your choice. 

You can find out more at ShoppingFeeder’s website.

Something to consider is whether you want to start out with one shopping feed, or multiple feeds. Depending on your channel distribution, you may decide to use additional channels to sell your products. 

For example, you may choose Google Shopping, Gumtree, and Takealot as primary platforms to sell your products on.  

4. What are people saying about ShoppingFeeder?

Want more proof? See what some of our customers have to say about using ShoppingFeeder.

“ShoppingFeeder has saved me hundreds of hours listing my products on multiple platforms. This app is simple, easy to use and saves me countless hours by sending my product feed to the different platforms I sell on.” – Michael Y

“I’m super happy with the simplicity of integrating our ecommerce feed into the available online marketplaces. Setup and feed creation is simple for anyone. Support team is superb at assisting with any question and extremely knowledgeable.” – Richard M

Contact us for more information, or if you need any help with setting up your own Shopping Feed. 

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