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Black Friday

6 Last-Minute Black Friday Tips

With only a week before Black Friday, there’s not much time before the peak shopping event of the year! Here are some quick, last-minute actions you can take to prepare for next week.

Update your keywords

Don’t forget to add your keywords to your product descriptions, homepage title, headings, image text and even your URLs. 

Changing your keywords is the best way to let users find you by using the right search terms. 

Build buzz on social media

Your customers can’t read your mind, so you’ll need to let them know which promotions you will offer. Make sure your social media updates are clear to avoid any confusion!

You can send unique emails in addition to social media posts. Remember to reply to any questions or comments that your customers may have!

Black Friday

Encourage existing customers

While we all think of Black Friday as a way to gain new customers, it’s also a great time to strengthen existing customer relationships. As a result, you should think of a way to reward your loyal customers in some way. 

Perhaps they will receive a unique discount code in their email or a special offer just for them. No matter what you choose, your customers will be happy that they haven’t been forgotten. 

Use visuals in your store

It would help if you had a visual way to signal that you are running a Black Friday promotion. All your Black Friday deals should be clearly labelled as such, or with any synonyms you will use – such as ‘Holiday deal’ or any other label.

Black Friday

Tweak your wording

Your customers must know that they’re getting the best Black Friday deal from you. So, you should change your wording to reflect ‘Black Friday Price’ instead of just using the term’ sale price’. 

Even if your discount is similar to your regular prices, psychologically, this change can have a significant impact on your prospective customers. Doing this can help customers stay within the Black Friday mindset, and they should buy from you. 

Sign up on new sales channels

Whether you are using ShoppingFeeder or not, getting your store and products listed on multiple sales channels is a good idea.

Listing on more channels allows more people to see your store people, and ultimately, you can expect more orders for your store.


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