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Cross-border selling: Why you need feed management software

Sell your products anywhere

Why limit yourself to local customers when there are under-served foreign markets your products can thrive in? It’s true, cross-border selling online can be a huge undertaking what with differences in currency, policy, inventory et cetera. So how can e-retailers sell globally without putting unnecessary strains on their business processes? The answer: data feed management tools.

A data feed management tool is essentially an SaaS (software as a service) platform or app retailers can use to push product catalogs to marketing channels. You can use a variety of apps, each focusing on one or two channels, or you can make use of ShoppingFeeder which supports over 100 popular marketing channels globally. Rather than monitoring your feeds from different platforms, you can manage your feeds in numerous different countries all from within ShoppingFeeder.

Customize individual feeds

Individual feed changes are incredibly streamlined thanks to ShoppingFeeder’s powerful customization features. You can tap into foreign markets using Facebook advertising, Google Shopping, Amazon Product ads and more, making use of the following features to tailor your feeds:

Custom filters: In/Exclude certain products from individual feeds based on rules.

Some products won’t perform as well in the foreign market as in your local market, in which case you may want to exclude certain product listing ads from your feeds over the pond. Filter out products based on any one/combination of their attribute values- SKUs, price, brand, etc. – to ensure maximum ROAS.

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Channel operators: Automatically change product data based on parameters you set.

Need to add VAT to your products in South Africa without affecting the prices on other feeds? No problem. With ShoppingFeeder, you get full control over how your products are represented in different channels. This saves you from having to make manual changes to your product data, ultimately saving you time and money.

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Automate stock-level management

Product feeds come in three major formats: Excel files, .txt files or .xml files. With excel and .txt product feeds, changes require searching the entire product database and making changes manually, which is why ShoppingFeeder opts for xml feeds instead.

ShoppingFeeder automatically crawls you online store data 3X daily, detects any changes and updates your feed on your behalf. No time wasted editing excel docs, no need to update product info in multiple locations, no muss and no fuss.

With regards to cross-border selling in particular, ShoppingFeeder can make a huge difference to inventory management. Changes to your product data are updated in your feeds no matter the location. You can also add store users so anyone can remotely access, manage and make changes to the relevant product feeds. Cross-border ecommerce has never been easier.

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