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Selling on Shopping.com

As an online retailer, there are so many conversion-making opportunities, due to the vast amount of sales channels available. If you’re wanting to expand your reach nationally or even globally, look no further than ShoppingFeeder to connect to hundreds of channels. Popular sales channels in the USA include the likes of Etsy, eBay and Shopping.com. This article aims to give online retailers a scope into how they can benefit with selling on Shopping.com.

What is Shopping.com?

Shopping.com is a leading price comparison site in the USA, that allows eCommerce store owners to showcase their products online and give online customers the ability to shop the best deals at the lowest prices. You’ll be interested to know that Shopping.com forms part of multinational eCommerce corporation, eBay. This means as an online retailer, you’re able to list your products on eBay via the Shopping.com channel.

Reasons to Consider Listing on Shopping.com

Take a look at some of these insane stats on eBay/Shopping.com. This is definitely not a channel you want to miss out on!

  • Approximate number of live listings: 1.5 billion
  • Active Buyers Worldwide: 154 million
  • Sellers on the eBay marketplace: 19 million

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, check out these facts:

  • Easy Listing
  • Free Listing (up to 200 products per month – only pay when they sell)
  • Seller Protection

Shopping.com and ShoppingFeeder integration

ShoppingFeeder offers a direct integration with well-known sale channel, Shopping.com, and it’s super simple to set up! Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to receiving conversions in no time!

  1. Sign in to your ShoppingFeeder account and click on Feed Management, followed by Channel Management

2. Once on the Channel Management page, scroll down to where it says Subscribe to Channels

3. In the search field, type in Shopping.com and select the correct channel option according to your country.

4. You can then modify channel settings for Shopping.com specifically.

5. You will then see Shopping.com appear under your Subscribed Channels. Make sure to click on the link button, copy the URL and submit it to Shopping.com to ensure your feed is correctly integrated.


Selling on Shopping.com will allow you to expand your reach nationally, or even globally and ultimately allow you to showcase your products on well-known eCommerce corporation eBay.

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