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Selling on the Leroy Merlin Marketplace in South Africa

There are many online marketing channels to choose from, so it can be tempting to list your products on every channel! Today, we’re looking at Leroy Merlin in particular.

However, you should know that there are many different kinds of marketplaces and marketing channels to use that function in totally different ways. You should choose a channel that will work well for your online business.

Since there are many global platforms to choose from, we’re going to discuss everything about this platform that you may need to know:

What is Leroy Merlin South Africa Marketplace?

Leroy Merlin is a garden and home improvement retailer that operates with over 100,000 employees around the world. It originated in France in 1923 and has since spread worldwide, seeing over 500 million customers in 15 countries and 800 stores worldwide. 

The main category of the store is DIY, and they are leaders in home improvement. They also have an expansive online store to match their massive brick-and-mortar stores and offer many products at a fantastic price. 

The South African Marketplace feature was recently launched, allowing online store owners to sell on their website. Applications are currently available for garden, DIY and home improvement stores to list products on their expansive marketplace. Leroy Merlin prides itself on its high-quality selection of home products, so ideally, your product should align with this category.

Supported Countries

Leroy Merlin has announced online marketplaces in many countries worldwide. Its first marketplace was launched successfully in Brazil back in 2018.

Following this, new marketplaces have been created in Europe, with its headquarters in France being one of the top 10 most popular eCommerce websites in France. 

We can expect a more detailed breakdown of Leroy Merlin’s marketplaces to follow in the coming months. However, we know for sure that Leroy Merlin’s Marketplace is coming to South Africa next. 

How much does it cost?

Leroy Merlin charges a monthly fixed fee of R300 to list on its marketplace. This figure includes VAT. 

Additionally, you can expect to pay varying commission fees dependent on your sales and delivery, which applies similarly to Takealot in that you will pay different prices depending on the category of your products.

In additional, Leroy Merlin will pay you bi-monthly once you’ve sold products on the marketplace.

Why should I use the Leroy Merlin South Africa Marketplace?

Here are some reasons to use Leroy Merlin:

  • Leroy Merlin in South Africa has over 1 million monthly active users. This amounts to a sizable audience that you should be leveraging for your online store.
  • Suppose you have a business that fits in with the general themes of gardening, DIY, home improvement and construction. In that case, you have a unique opportunity to list on an online niche platform that directly relates to your business.
  • Be supported by a dedicated Account Manager that will guide you through your online journey with Leroy Merlin. You will gain support to help you develop your visibility on Leroy Merlin. 
  • List on all devices, including listings for desktop, mobile and tablet. 
  • Join one of the largest-growing online marketplaces in South Africa. You’ll benefit from the convenience of joining a convenient online marketplace that an experienced global brand backs.

Considerations when using the South African Marketplace 

There are some drawbacks to using the Leroy Merlin Marketplace in South Africa: 

  • You cannot link directly to your website from the marketplace yet. This function may change in the future, along with the lack of customization.
  • You are limited to home/garden/DIY product categories. 
  • Little information is publicly known yet, as the marketplace hasn’t officially launched yet.


At present, ShoppingFeeder is one of the leading supported platforms for Leroy Merlin in South Africa. 

ShoppingFeeder is a solution that allows online stores to sell where their customers shop. It allows store owners to easily list and update their products on many sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Bidorbuy, and more. 

ShoppingFeeder makes it easy for you to update your products and send these updates to any channel you’re live on.

Leroy Merlin South Africa Marketplace Features

  • The Marketplace uses the Mirakl platform to integrate product catalogues, including its own sales and customer management system.
  • Store owners can submit both product and catalogue pages to be displayed on the South African Marketplace.
  • Leroy Merlin’s five-step process means users can join quickly.
  • Send information to the platform and agree to terms and conditions to get approved quickly.


Leroy Merlin’s South African Marketplace is a no-brainer for any kind of home, DIY or gardening online store. By leveraging its sizable audience of over 1 million viewers per month, you can expect to grow your store in a big way.

The Marketplace is new and is set to be released in South Africa soon, following its success in France and Brazil. 

Catch Leroy Merlin on ShoppingFeeder or contact us to find out more about how you can use this marketplace for your products. 


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