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Setting up Performance Max Campaigns for your Shopify Store

Google’s latest campaign type, Performance Max, has eCommerce store conversions going crazy! ShoppingFeeder has already seen excellent results, with some of their clients receiving a ROAS of 20 in just two days. This article will therefore provide a guide to Setting Up Performance Max Campaigns for your Shopify Store.

What is Performance Max?

Performance Max is Google’s latest addition to campaigns. It allows online retailers to create automated goal-driven campaigns that use machine learning to target audiences with an optimal bid, to ultimately optimise performance.

Some benefits include:

  • Access to more converting customers
  • Receiving more value from your budget
  • Detailed, valuable insights
  • Better results through automation inputs from Audience Signals and Value Rules

Creating a Performance Max Campaign for your Shopify Store

With Shopify being the worlds most popular eCommerce platform, there’s no doubt that many online retailers will be intrigued by Google’s latest offering. Since Shopify has a direct integration with Google, creating Performance Max campaigns, or any Google campaigns for that matter, is super easy.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to success:

  1. Download the Google app in Shopify
  2. Assuming you already have a Google Ads account, connect it under Settings.
  3. Click on your Google Ads account number and it will redirect you to Google Ads.
  4. In the “Page” menu on the left, choose Campaigns.
  5. Use the plus button  to select New campaign.
  6. Select an advertising objective for your campaign. If none of the goals fit what you’re looking for, select Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.
  7. Confirm the conversion goals for your campaign. Your account goals will be default prepopulated, but you can remove these or add new goals.
  8. Select your Merchant Center account and country where products are sold.
  9. Enter a campaign name.
  10. Choose Continue.

Well done! You’re all set to receive an influx of conversions! We hope this guide on Setting up Performance Max Campaigns for your Shopify Store was useful! For more insightful articles, please visit our blog.


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