Why you should be remarketing

If you haven’t already dabbled in remarketing, now is the time to do so. Remember the pair of shoes you browsed online, that you then saw an ad for later on another site or Facebook? That was no coincidence, that was some great remarketing.

Using a mix of general remarketing and dynamic retargeting, you’ll be able to significantly increase your online advertising ROI. Here’s why:

What is remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy for addressing a retailer’s big question, “how do we bring them back?” Remarketing tools allow you to reach out to people who have visited your website as they browse on other websites, and prompt them back to your site for another look – to convert to buyers. With general remarketing, you’re able to reach out to broad lists of people – site visitors, previous buyers or people in your email database. With dynamic remarketing, you can take it a step further and leverage your product feed to create ads for a specific product or range, to people who have already shown direct interest, and serve them different messages based on the action they took. It is personal, targeted and highly effective.

3 quick benefits of remarketing

1. Bring them back and convert

Remarketing allows you to directly reach out to engaged potential customers (prospects) once they’ve left your site, prompting them back to your site. The calls to actions on dynamic remarketing ads can be related to the action they’ve already taken on your site – leading them back into your sales funnel right where they left off, leading to significantly higher conversions.

2. Strengthen your brand

Remarketing allows you to place your brand in front of prospects on an ongoing basis, strengthening brand recognition. Whether using dynamic retargeting for specific products, or more general targeting for a range of products or your site in general, a good remarketing strategy keeps your shop top of mind for online browsers.

3. Targeted and relevant

People are bombarded with so many marketing messages these days. Remarketing enables you to talk to a specific audience with a specific message, making your ads more personal and noticeable. With dynamic retargeting, you can serve a different message and call to action to a potential customer, based on their previous action i.e. those who had put a product in their cart, versus someone who just visited the product page. Your ads can appeal to the specific interests and actions of a visitor. Powerful!

Dynamic Remarketing – Facebook and Google

Pulling from your product feed (most feed management tools integrate with Facebook and Google), dynamic remarketing allows you to target even more specifically. Google and Facebook are the two most powerful platforms for dynamic retargeting and most retailers will choose to run general, as well as dynamic, remarketing campaigns on both, as they have equally massive daily user bases. The Google Display Network reaches 90% of global internet users, and 65% on a daily basis. Google serves more than one trillion impressions to 1 billion internet users on a daily basis. Facebook has around 1.4 billion users, with around 900 million visiting daily.

Facebook remarketing works especially well for lifestyle or fashion products that align with the browsing intentions of someone on social media. Facebook’s dynamic templates save you time in configuring the design for each ad, and allow you to scale your remarketing. These templates are well optimized for Newsfeed and Sidebar ads, as well as mobile.

Google dynamic retargeting is of course the perfect complement to Google Shopping. You will be able to remarket to people as they browse all kinds of other sites online, and works well for a wider scope of products than Facebook. With Google remarketing, you’ll have complete control over your budget and can easily measure performance. You’ll also be able to see which sites in the Display Network are top performers, therefore optimizing your ads and spend to fit.

The results say it all

Research by PPC Strategies on a selection of their client’s Google remarketing results over time showed that dynamic remarketing converts more effectively and at a lower cost, run alongside general remarketing for best results.

PPC Hero quotes a 400% increase in click-through-rates, a 10-20% increase in conversion rates and a 30-40% decrease in average cost per acquisition when incorporating dynamic Facebook dynamic retargeting into a selection of a Perfect Audience client’s Facebook remarketing strategies.

A recent case study by Fialkov Digital on Isreal’s largest online pharmacy, Medilink, showed a 70% lower cost per lead, 12% higher click through rate and 12X higher ROI from executing a dynamic remarketing campaign on Facebook, targeting customers who had shown interest in products on the site but hadn’t completed purchases.

Online Ad Agency, Wordstream, has found that adopting a remarketing strategy (over 18 months) increased their repeat visitors by 50%, boosted conversion by 51%, and increased the time spent on their website by 300%. Interestingly, they also found that while click-through-rates decreased over time, conversion rates actually increased, due to a higher quality, engaged click-through.

Remarketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand recognition, optimizing your ad spend, and supplying potential customers with a personal shopping experience. And of course, using a feed management tool such as Shopping Feeder makes leveraging remarketing tools much simpler and quicker. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start bringing those potential customers back.


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